Incredibly beautiful Rose Mallow on Silk Habotai, a light billowy silk. The flowers of Rose Mallow or Hibiscus are the grandest of all the summer flowers in Shelburne Falls! I grow these myself and can't wait to pluck them in late August and September. I bundle theme up in Silk and Steam. All of the dye from the flower transfers to the silk. This is a lighter weight silk than that of Marsha, And I have made two of these. They are similar, though not exactly alike, kind of like twins!


14" x 72"  big enough to wrap up in. 


Please be gentle when washing, some color made come out in the rinse. Only use cool water and a very gentle, ph balanced soap. Never scrub or wring. Drip dry in the shower or on the line out of direct sun. Iron on silk steam setting.



First Rose Mallow