Gorgeous, one of a kind, nature print, of my beautiful rose mallow flower. I grow these in my garden and harvest the flowers to make prints on silk and paper.

Silk Charmeuse scarf with hand rolled hem. 14 x 60. On this piece I also used Smoke bush leaves and the edges are dyed with black walnut leaves. Rose Mallow often grows in the marsh, so I named this piece Marsha. This piece is unwashed and in it's natural state. If you must wash it, please do it by hand, in cool water, gently, with a gentle, natural soap. Never squeeze, rub, or soak. Hang to dry out of the sunlight, steam on a silk setting to iron on the matte side. Follow these simple directions and your scarf will last for many years. This is a naturally dyed piece, and it may lighten slightly when washed the first time. This is part of the process. Hopefully we all lighten up a bit as we grow older.


There is only one.