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Squeeze, Relax, Repeat! A sweet little pillow stuffed with Lavender and Flax. The flax seeds rub up against the lavender when you squeeze the pillow, releasing the relaxing beautiful scent of fresh lavender. I don't use any fragrance oils when I create these pillows - just the pure scent of lavender from the flower buds. Measures 4"x 4", my little pillows of joy fit right in your pocket or purse, ready to give peace and bring you back to the moment, no matter what is happening around you! I source my lavender locally. The Scent of this Buckland Lavender is delightful and will last for years.

Created from my hand-dyed silks and cottons, each one is unique.

Purchase in packs of three, (a separate Listing), you can't have enough of these little lovelies on hand to give for gifts.

Make sure to keep one for yourself -perhaps for under your pillow.

Sleep well dear friends. Love, Marjorie

Lavender Pillow

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