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Leaf Love

Dear Reader,

I hope you are out there. It's getting awful lonely around here.

Oh yeah, about leaves,

I'm smitten, always have been.

I know you love them too, go on admit it. It's always so surprising when they are completely gone in the winter. Like absolutely nowhere. The trees, they sure do know how to let go. Oh except Japanese maple, she just hangs on to those leaves until they turn brown and shrivel up. Can't really blame her, Japanese Maple Leaves are some of the finest on the planet. Then there's Ginkgo, she's like okay go if your going, but stick together, it's a crazy world out there!

What's your favorite? I'd really like to know. Tell me a leaf story.

Love, Marjorie

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1 Comment

Nov 18, 2020

Delighted to find you (round aboutly from the Big Sisters/Brothers Sale site). I didn't know anyone in the area was doing ecoprinting but me! Your work is lovely. Is your refrigerator full of leaves like mine?

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