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Something blue

I just made a fructose indigo vat - and it worked! I'd tried it before without much luck - I don't remember heating it and maybe that is why. This time I used a 10 gallon pot and put about 5 gallons of water in and heated it to 180 degrees. It took longer than I thought it would to heat up. I mixed in the indigo, the lime and the fructose and wow did I have some fun with that. Whenever I get a vat of indigo going nothing is safe. anything can become blue. My favorite white blouse, that linen jacket I bought at Old Navy 6 years ago and even my white socks and undies.

My favorite though is to take a piece that I have printed with tannin from leaves. the indigo naturally resists the tannin, this is something I found out by accident. Oh what a happy day that was! Is there a little yellow on a piece? even better because now it's green. the tannin becomes golden and it's all nature's way of saying hello, here I am, natural and beautiful for your wonder and amazement. Something old, Something new Something borrowed, Something blue.

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