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When the going gets tough, the gentle make soap?

Ever since my first batch, over 20 years ago, I've been obsessed with making soap. All soap is made with lye, a base, the acids used to neutralize it come from the fatty acids in oils, mainly Olive oil for the emollient properties and coconut oil for the suds. There is something about the alchemy of saponification (that's the point where the fatty acids in the oil and the lye combine to make a gentle, moisturizing natural, glycerin-filled bar of soap), that makes the process utterly addicting.

And one thing we all need right now is soap!

My bars are handmade in small batches, with added nutrients like shea butter, Avocado oil, rose clay, turmeric, and essential oils. Each one is hand cut, my favorite part of the process, then cured under cheesecloth to make a hard bar. Ready to ship now, in the shop.

orange clove, lemongrass and lavender is hiding under the cheesecloth. She's a little shy, likes a warm shower, and it's chilly in here.

Love, Marjorie

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